Make 7 Real-World Apps With Vue 2

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Learn by Doing

Want to know what you can create with Vue 2? This book is for you! In this almost 400 page book, you will get step-by-step instructions that you can easily follow to create real-world web applications.

Have you ever wanted to create an e-commerce application but were not sure how to add authentication or how to store user's data in a database? I will show you how by creating an e-commerce store selling Teas.

What is the best CSS library to use with a Vue application? You will get a chance to use Flexbox, Vuetify, Bulma and Tailwind CSS. Learn how to style a web application using all of them.

Do you want to display a Vue application you have created? Learn how to deploy your application to popular hosting sites like Netlify and Heroku.

What is Server-Side Rendering (SSR)? Learn about SSR by creating an application using Next.js.

What You Will Learn

- Create custom components

- Props, passing data between components, and emitting custom events

- How to use Vue Router and Vuex

- Make custom filters that can be used locally or globally

- Style applications using Flexbox, Vuetify, Bulma and Tailwind CSS

- Add Authentication to an application using Firebase

- Access APIs and fetch data using Fetch and Axios

- Learn how to deploy your applications to Netlify and Heroku

What You Will Create

Pinterest Gallery - how to create a Pinterest style grid layout for images.

: Vue Router, Vuex, Vuetify, create custom components

Movie Search App - Use the OMDB API to search for movies and see the results.

: using props, passing data between components, emitting custom events, use and API, using directives, flexbox, create custom components

Admin Dashboard - Create a beautiful Admin Dashboard using Vuetify that has both dark and light versions.

: Vuetify, Vue Router, Vuex, create custom components

Weather App - Using the OpenWeather API get the weather for any city worldwide.

: Vuetify, filters, use an API, create custom components

eCommerce Website - Create an eCommerce store that sells teas and related products using AirTable as a database.

: Nuxt.js, Bulma, Axios, vue-simple-markdown, AirTable, accessing an API, deploy to Heroku, deploy to Netlify

Training Videos - Access the YouTube API to display related videos. Select videos to add to your own playlist.

: Vue Router, Vue route guards, Firebase authentication, Firebase database, Bulma, accessing YouTube API, deploy to Heroku, deploy to Netlify

Internationalization - Learn how to add internationalization by creating a basic web app that can be displayed in three languages.

- Vue Internationalization, Tailwind CSS

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Includes a 392 page PDF & Source Code

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Make 7 Real-World Apps With Vue 2

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